Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Rina!

I really love working with Rina and Kimmi at Scrapbook Elements! They are wonderful designers and I am blessed to create with their beautiful kits! I got this one last night... it is Mellow on My Mind
I am catching up on some of Rina's older kits even though I love her new things so much. I just love these soft colors and tend to get her kits with pinks in them just because I love to make Brag Book pages for Charli. Working with Rina gave me the inspiration to do stacked papers, I really love this look! I don't want to be greedy and ask for too many kits, LOL, I want to be around a Long Time!
Each week Rina blesses us with gorgeous Scripture Word Art at SBE the thread is Here
It would be great if you stopped by and joined us for the weekly Scripture Challenge, it is great getting to know people that are not afraid to scrap their faith!


Les is a Grumpy Bear this morning! I feel sorry for those at work today! He got me to bring him Advil when I got up at 5:30 and then he got up and asked if I was OK, I said I was fine and he fussed because I didn't ask if HE was OK. I knew he wasn't because he had asked for the Advil but we had just talked about not complaining so much the other night! Then he was looking for his gout med and asked me where it was, I told him I did not touch his medicine except to get him the Advil and he blows up about how a simple No would do.
He had trouble putting on his shoe and I asked him if he had been keeping up with what he ate and he said he had had Nothing he wasn't supposed to! Now he is really aggravated I didn't give him a hug... I told him not to start my day badly and expect a HUG! I did tell him I loved him though. Please pray for him and his right broke foot and left foot with Gout!


GrannyNKy said...

Your bragbook pages are just gorgeous! I love that kit as well! I would like to join you in wishing Rina, a Happy birthday! She truly is an inspiration to many, in so many ways...Happy Birthday Rina!!! And great pages Tammy!

Lor said...

Beautiful pages Tammy!

Zaroga said...

Tammy, so sorry that I've gotten so far behind in reading your blog. I know you understand.

I love these kits... very beautiful! Of course Charli is what makes them the most special.

I've had a few days like that with Frank... I've noticed that they don't happen as often as they used to :-)

I think you asked about butterfly bushes. Frank planted them last year and we were gone for almost three months after the bushes were planted. One bush may have died... it just looks sickly. The other bush looked a bit scraggly, but bloomed well. I just cut the dead blooms off. They say the bushes can get very big. I don't think my inlaws put much water on them while we were gone and that might have been a problem. I just cleaned the flowerbed out that they are in and put fertilizer around them and it rained today, so maybe they will start getting their green soon. One plant has some green from last year. They are supposed to be cut down low after the blooming season.

I love your rose. I haven't grown any in a long time.

Rina said...

Gorgeous pages, Tammy! Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes and your very kind words - I am so thrilled that you are a part of our team:)