Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Office

I thought I would share pictures of my office. I am very proud to have my own space. Les can have the living room, I hardly go in there except that that's where my Volkswagens are, LOL! You can tell my favorite colors are Kermit green and aqua, the bottom two shelves of my bookcase are Charli's toys and the rest are art supplies, paints, colored pencils and my cross stitch. I am going to get a small kitchen set to go here. I have a whole bunch of tea sets and play food in the garage so as soon as she is old enough we will have tea parties. I don't mind sharing my space with her!
Where my sewing machine is has my photo boxes and albums, magazines, sewing and beads. To the right of my computer is all my scrap booking stuff and my yarn.
I decided to add the top of my desk because I surround myself with pictures and some of my favorite things, I Love those jeweled crosses that my Mom gave me, there's also a I Love Grandma mug from Charli, a prayer box and a silver angel frame from my Mom. My Valentine from Les is on top and there's the box of chocolates I haven't finished. That's the TV beside Charli's desk, it sits on an antique sewing machine from a good friend.
Well, I hope this gives you a glimpse into who I am. I spend more time here than anywhere else!

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GrannyNKy said...

You are so fortunate to have your own provate space!!! I would love to have that but in our small house that is impossible so I make do in the livingroom for computer, and kitchen table for everything else, lol!