Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have been so busy today! I started out my favorite way and went to a yard sale at my Grandmother's church and got 3 wooden dining chairs for $9. Now when we have friends over we don't have to wheel over the computer chairs, LOL!
When I got home I started cleaning the garage and got a lot thrown away and more room. I still have to go through boxes I want to price for a yard sale.
I did do these two pages when I got up early this morning. They are from Charli's birth and I used In Memoriam by Rina Kroes and Kimmi Stewart @ SBE.
After Les got off work we finished up the garage, went to see my Grandmother, ate at China Garden and then we went over to play with Charli. She was in a silly mood, I took her some Leap Frog toys and a Magna Doodle and she had a blast! She has loves to play Hop on Pop. She will try her best to jump!
I took some pictures of my flowers and will post later when I get more time.

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Zaroga said...

Wow! you had a very busy day! The pages look great.