Thursday, April 16, 2009


More pictures of Charli from Gina's camera, she won't usually let Gina do her hair but she sat in my lap when Gina did mine and let her put her hair up. She is not very happy after she got home I guess, LOL!

This is the book I found at the library on bird watching, it is wonderful! Tells foods the birds really like and even how to make some simple feeders.
I'm glad it is getting warmer and no rain! I took some pictures of the uprooted trees around town! We had many old, big trees uprooted including the one at the hospital, one that destroyed a house 2 miles from us (the hospital is less than a mile away from my house) and the Children's Home lost many and was a mess! There is a lot near the house they have piled up with trees! I will share the pictures later. There were a couple of tornadoes that touched down: we were blessed they didn't get any closer to us!

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