Friday, April 17, 2009

I found a wonderful new site since I have been doing Garden Girl's Designs called Scrapable! This page made with Squeaky Clean was done for a challenge to make your bottom paper show through, I love how it turned out! Her kits are so much fun to work with!

I almost hate for this week to end, LOL, my 'wild child' has been on vacation and for a couple of days we only had 4 kids and it has been a good, quiet week! My new child Mason is wonderful! He is so full of smiles and we have really bonded!

Les and I went and got some more plants yesterday, the ones I tried to start didn't do so well, that was my fault because I left them outside and covered with plastic instead of bringing them in! I bought things that are for butterfly and hummingbird gardens. When I get off I will get to work, LOL!

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Zaroga said...

That is really cute!

I've taught a church class before and know what you mean about he quiet.

Which plants did you get?