Sunday, April 12, 2009


EASTER Sunday has been quiet, Gina's family was the only family joining us at church and Les had to go to work so no lunch or anything special. We have communion tonight so I guess I will go sit with Tim and Leighanne since we take it by families. My younger sister had minor surgery this week but she is doing fine.
This is Charli with her Easter basket from us, I was good, no stuffed animals or chocolate. I got her a cute book and put mine and her pictures in the back. When you turn the pages you see our pictures! I also find a yellow duck made from white chocolate, a Dr Seuss toothbrush and some hairbows.
I also printed a paper pocketbook with her picture on it, it was just for fun, she has it in her hand in the picture below.
The bottom picture is of most of the kids at church this morning! It is getting harder to get a good group picture, LOL!

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Zaroga said...

Charli is so cute! It looks like she had a great day and enjoyed her gifts from her grandparents.

Great pictures. I love looking at Charli's feet. She didn't quite get her toes in right, but I'm sure she had no trouble running.