Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blue's Clues

I really love my job! On I started this year off with a theme party on Fridays. Yesterday was Blue's Clues, we also had Teddy Bear day and a Block Party. We do fun things centering around the them, here they are writing in their handy Dandy Notebooks. Caleb was dressed like Steve and the girls and I wore blue. Ryan and Katie didn't come and I missed them! We also took Blue's for a walk and visited the "Grandma's and Grandpa's" which is what we call the seniors, and went to see the babies. I look at these kids and know where Charli will be next year, three of these turned 2 last month and I so enjoy listening to them talk and watching them play! Caleb was in a 'yappy' mood and had a wonderful time. When Gina was small she was late in talking but when she did she wouldn't stop so when she was talking faster than I could listen I would call her "Yappy".
If I ever do a cartoon style kid's book that will be my main character!
I saw the lady that kept Gina when she was an infant in Wal-Mart the other day. I had been hoping that I would so that I could show her Charli's picture, she has cancer and really looks bad, Lisa and Donna were with her and it was good to see them.
Well I am up because I needed a sinus pill and since I am going to be working on the church book today I thought I would get this done. I can breath now and my cough is stopped. I can her Les from here, her must have a stuffy nose, too, I think I will go roll him over and go back to bed for awhile!


Zaroga said...

It looks like you really enjoy your job. The kids are cute!

Hope your sinuses are better!

Twila's Treasures said...

Hey I have no car it is in the shop. Cody has a really bad cold so don't know if we will make it or not depends on how He feels. Give Charli a big hug if I am not there