Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK, Zaroga, here are a few photos, I also put some down the side of my Blog and a special one of Charli at the bottom, the butterflies were taken at work and the bee at Park Seed.
In June we have a flower festival you might want to check out, Google Greenwood Festival of Flowers. On Saturday they give tours of the experimental gardens at Park Seed. You would Love it!

Charli was in a fabulous mood, I got some wonderful pictures to post later! We played hide and seek and she was just full of the giggles! We had a good nap after that, She sleeps on my chest after Yogabagaba goes off and I love holding her!

My friends from church came over last night, Les fixed Kevin's truck and we had Italian Soup. I found the recipe in Southern Living and it was so good. Les actually made it Monday night and let it sit in the frig overnight. We are talking about starting a bible Study together. Tim plans on going to Seminary so this would be good for him to lead. I so enjoy socializing more than I every thought I would. It's a good excuse to keep my house neater, LOL!

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Zaroga said...

You got some terrific photos, Tammy. Great detail in them. Charli is adorable.

The festival sounds great. Right now... we'll just have to see how life goes. Frank has surgery coming up in a couple of weeks and then who knows what with my shoulder & neck. I hope soon we can get back to traveling.

Soups are one of those foods that taste better the day after they are cooked.

Looking forward to those pictures of Charli.