Friday, January 16, 2009

I am so laughing as I post this picture! Zaroga got me thinking of family and my Papa and how he drank his coffee with Pet evaporated milk out of a saucer. He also put Pet milk in grits, that made them so creamy! That's my Dad with the Carolina shirt, you see he was a Die hard Clemson fan and I am a USC fan, I gave this shirt to him for Christmas and he gave me, my brother and my baby sister chicken bones and feathers! Needless to say Sissy switched to Clemson, she was only about 4! My Papa passed away the year after this, I think. My Uncle James was on a tractor, or bush hog and got into a hornet's nest several years ago and died there, I was never close to him. My Dad passed away Father's Dad 2006.
This is my Nanny, I wrote about her on the 4th, you can see the cloth scraps on the stool in front of her and my Aunt Doll and her dog Rusty. I got this picture from my Dad and it's a Polaroid and needs cleaned up.

Now what's up with this? Cashmere socks! I Love fun socks and Gina gave me this cashmere pair with some wonderful Shea Cashmere foot cream which smells so good! I Love these socks! they are so soft, I wish I could find another pair of shoes like my brown loafers! i got them about 5 years ago and they really show it! I do not like to buy shoes!!! I have very few for a woman and most of my tennis shoes are from Gina. She is like Mama and has a closet full. I remember counting Mama's once in the early 80's and I think it was 60 or so.

My birthday is coming up soon and I need a new watch so that's what Les is getting me but I also want a new Bible. That's a hard thing for me to choose!! I know I want a NKJ and a center column reference. Every one I find is at least $40 and the ones I really like are $60! I am getting to old to get much money for my BD, LOL! I hope I can get to the new Christian Book store in the mall in Greenville. They sell discounted Bibles there. I also can eat at Fuddrucker's my favorite!!

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Zaroga said...

Tammy, nice to read about and see your family. A few great memories here.

I don't have many shoes either... for one thing it is hard to find a pair that feels really good :-)