Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is my FIL with Gina and Charli, he really did pretty good, I think. It was a big to do trying to get him there and he left early which I was not happy about because we got out of church early so we could follow them but, that's live with him right now...
He was hurting bad in his stomach last night, I keep wondering if he will make it through the month or if both Les and I will mourn our Dad's in June.

I will probably share several pictures from the Gary Reunion the week, these are Charli running and with Meagan Gary, Les's cousin Paul's youngest child. She is 3 days younger that Charli and one day older than Seth. She just wanted to hug Charli but Charli is not a very huggable baby and would not let her. I couldn't get a picture of Crystal's grandbaby who was born in April.

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