Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jeremy I am Proud of you!

I was doing my usual two challenges at once when I came up with this page, when J was young we were Very close, I was even assistant scout master of his scout troop and got to pin his Eagle on him! Now he is grown and has a son of his own, I feel so bad that I can't bond with Seth and spoil him like I do Charli, 3000 miles is too far away. Now Jeremy is in Iraq and he is not able to see his son as he has his first teeth and gets ready to walk...
I have to remember what a wonderful little boy he was and I scrap his pictures growing up because I have too few of my grandson.
Well, enough of that! Jeremy I am so proud of you and we are all praying for you to return safely and with good memories! I Love you Son and miss your hugs!
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FourOf5zs said...

A great tribute.