Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This page is done with the pictures I took when I brought Charli the bag from my Mom. She loves it and had a blast posing for me! I scrapped it with Miss Erin's newest kit Remember the Best Dreams on sale for $2.80 right now at Gingerscraps
She was happy to see me yesterday! When I walked in the door she was sitting on the sofa waiting to show me her new shoes, LOL! She is so much like her Mom and my Mom, when it comes to shoes, that skipped a generation because I am perfectly happy with Gina's old shoes, I hate to buy shoes!
I have a new child in class this week, they moved my crying child, she is still crying so at least it was not me but I do not have to sit and hold her all day! I have a new little boy and a little Japanese girl next week.
It was a long day yesterday, Trey didn't get home until 6:30 and it will be that way tonight then I have church so I am not making headway with my yard sale and getting behind on everything!
I have said it before I Love Thursdays!!

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