Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Dad would have been 70 today. Three years ago we celebrated his last birthday and he passed away June 18, Father's day. It is good remembering him now, we spent a lot of quality time together as he suffered his last days of his cancer after years of hard feelings.
He was the smartest uneducated man I know. He only when to the sixth grade yet he mentally kept up with his checkbook and was a Master Machinist, making anything he wanted. When I tell people who my Dad was they usually say what a good man he was and I know he was a pretty good fellow, I can almost hear him laughing now, he did that a lot. I just regret that alcohol had to enter the picture when he was in his mid thirties, it changed the man that called me Sweetheart into a man I didn't like very much. I wish he could have been a man I wanted my kids to spend time with, Jeremy did not even invite him to his wedding and he never came to important things in their lives until Gina got married. That is one of my favorite memories! We asked the Grandmothers to all wear pink to her wedding and he told my Step-Mom to get him a pink shirt! Yes, real men do wear pink!
I love you, Daddy!

Now I am finished with my yard sale and made $132. I really got rid of a lot of scrapbooking stuff! I made bags of buttons, lace, stickers and little doodads and sold for 50cents and $1 and sold most of my paper to one woman 6 for $1!
We almost forgot tomorrow was the Gary Reunion in Elberton! Thank goodness Gina told me yesterday and Les is off! He is out trying to get a trailer to put the scooter on, now.
Well I had better get my craft room back to clean!!

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linda said...

Tammy I am proud to share the day with your Dad. Take care