Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here are some of my jewelry pieces that I took yesterday to the craft show. I just did the pictures quick to do this post so it is hard to see how pretty they really are.
Today seem so short! Part of it is we had to be at church at 5:15 for a Graduation reception for Beth and Travis and I took a long nap so I have not gotten much done! One of the neighbors told me they were having a yard sale next Saturday and if I wanted to he could just put the one ad in the paper. I am happy to do that because Les is off and I have been getting things ready to do that anyway.
We did have 2 people to join the church today and I actually forgot my camera! One was Donny who has been singing in the choir for awhile and been a part of the congregation for a few weeks (Donna's Brother) and the other is Karen who is our good friend Kevin's sister. I like putting these things down here because I can pull up the keywords when I do the book next year and have reminders what to scrap!
Also tonight was Fifth Sunday singing and I got pictures of everyone that sang.
My FIL is Not doing well, he is now jaundice and was in pain today. I am thinking about losing my own Dad Father's Day 2006, it probably will not be a drawn out thing, I really hope not, I hate seeing him suffer and my MIL age.

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Zaroga said...

The jewelry is beautiful! I'm so sorry about your in-law's situation. I know it is very hard on everyone.