Saturday, May 23, 2009

I found a wonderful site yesterday called Just Digital Designs. I know there are Tons of sites so why add another? Well first of all there are some really nice freebies there, for joining I got a welcome gift called My Zen by Brownie Scraps which I made the top LO with and I got Sun Kissed by Sweet Tomato and made the second page with. I did these for challenges there.
I actually joined to get a free kit by Laura which is another cute one.
It's an open gallery and works like DST and DTS so all my DESIGNER friends, check it out!

I am really early posting because I couldn't sleep. Gina and Trey went out to eat so Charli came and played with me a little while. She actually asked "What cha doin'?" tonight, I can understand her very well. She is talking more than a couple of my two year olds at work. She followed Les into the living room and he didn't realize it and before I could follow her she knocked off a truck from my shelf (one Daddy gave Les) and it fell on her foot and bruised it. He tried to comfort her but Meme just does it better, LOL! She was funny with the bag of ice we got her to put on it, I did get pictures!
I am so happy to have a long week end! Les has to work everyday so I will be scrapping and crafting! Unless Gina needs me I only plan on going to church tomorrow. I will post some of the things I make, too.

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Zaroga said...

The pages are great. I followed the link and the one entitled "That's Groovy Baby" caught my eye :-)