Monday, May 18, 2009

This is the mill that was beside Granddaddy Gary's House. Most of what was very important to our town, Greenwood Mills, is now gone. Everyone has relatives that worked in the mills if they grew up here, it is so sad to see them torn down or sitting there deserted! We live in Mathews Mill Village which was established in 1889, I can take a 5 minute walk and visit my Great-grandmother's grave, I take Charli to feed the ducks at the end of my block at the Mill Pond, drive past my Dad's old workplace called the Compound and Self Memorial Hospital which was built by Mr. Self who owned the mills.

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Zaroga said...

I hate to see the old buildings go too. I guess it is called progress.

Our family cemetery is about 60 miles from here :-( I usually get to visit in the spring, but didn't make it this year.