Friday, May 22, 2009

I thought this picture was a cute one and wanted to play with color selection for the glasses. I found them for $1 at Maxway. She is fascinated with my glasses like most kids at this age are so I thought she would like them. I am so happy to have a 3 day week end! I don't have any special plans so I guess I might get caught up on my CT work! I have a lot of kits I have done but have to send links to the designer and have some new kits, too, Cathy K did a Birthday Kit for week 3 of the contest. I will be doing some pages with it and post.
Les has to work Sunday and Monday but we are planning on going to see Star Trek at the Drive In after church Sunday Night with a group of friends from church. Gina might go, too. I am not going for the movie but the company!


twoboyz00 said...

Aw, that's so cute! Love how you did the coloring!

Zaroga said...

Nicely done with the touch of color