Sunday, February 15, 2009


I actually went to bed at 7:00 last night so I am up now. Bojangles has the smoked sausage biscuit back and I had eaten one before the concert Friday and it made me sick so I didn't really eat anything yesterday and now have a very slight headache. thought if I ate a little something I would feel better in a few minutes.
The real reason I am having trouble is that Kathie asked me to make a list of things I wanted my name on for her. I can't think of much but I do want all the photos and her Mickey Mouse watch (it's a special collector watch) I do want Jeremy to get Papa's things from the National Guard, that's what these are mostly, I borrowed them for VBS one year and photographed them, Since he can't speak for himself I am requesting them. I also want Gina to have her pearls. She is the only granddaughter that is 'girly' and would treasure them. She also gets her Mema's original wedding set.
I have things in my jewelry box with names on them of who I want to get them and where the item came from. I am going to do pages for a bragbook so things that are important to me won't end up in a yard sale or the trash. It's not that I have a lot but things like the rhinestones my Nanny gave me need to be with someone who cares that my Dad was 15 when he bought them for her and she gave them to me when I was 15. I hope I will be around to hand them to Charli when she is that age.
I don't need anything adding more clutter to my life and I will scan the pictures and pass on the originals to other family.
As a scrapbooker I have done Many albums and my art will outlive me, I think about that often, I sit here in my office and to me left is a pastel drawing my Grandmother did when she was in college, it is surrounded by 4 of my sunset photographs. On another wall is a collage drawing by Jeremy (I just added pictures) I hope Jeremy will want the art by Grandmama, it is one of my favorite possessions!
Also the things I have crocheted and cross stitched will remind people of me but most of all I hope my children and grand children will remind others of me! I know Gina is very much like me. I know I am rambling this morning Or is is late night? So I will close, my headache is gone now and I will go back to bed.

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