Friday, February 20, 2009

It looks like my FIL will need to go to a nursing home awhile, my MIL can't be pulling on him and taking care of him as much as he needs right now. His lungs are shot with the COPD and he has a fatty liver. Also he is diabetic and because of not using oxygen the way he should he has Dementia. I was praying nothing would happen Before Jeremy came home but he is really out of it and his quality of life is not good. I know Jeremy would not want to see his Papa like this. They REALLY love each other. When jeremy was little and would need to be corected it would hurt his Papa so bad. After Ghostbusters Jeremy made the "NO" symbol on the doors and TV with a crayon and George didn't want us to spank him because he was just copying the movie.
I asked Kathie to save George's National Guard awards for Jeremy. That child was so proud of his Papa and called the Guard "Papa's Army" The picture at the top is our send off party when Jeremy joined the Army. Yes, I am in that picture, LOL!
It is so strange that my Mom is also having problems with her liver, too! I pray she will get better quickly!
Oh, I really like the new CSI. I thought I would miss Gill but the new character, Ray is super!

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