Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can't believe I went a week without posting! I had my treatment Monday but this week I did fine! Not too tired and I am now able to go for hours without the oxygen around the house and even do laundry and other small chores. Been straightening up more because Gina is giving us her LR furniture so we have to make room for it so I have kept busy.
Thursday we went uptown to see Rootdoctor from Columbia and Charli found a new friend. They were adorable! His name is Raines Dorn. They had a wonderful time and I hope they will get to play again. She was broken hearted when we left!
Bobo came over and borrowed a table and got the sewing machine and chair I borrowed years ago, That made more room. I can't wait to get my livingroom arranged!

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CathyK Designs (twoboyz00) said...

Those photos of Charli and her new friend are too adorable!!