Saturday, May 22, 2010

Took Charli Up Town to see the fire trucks that were there for safety week. She enjoyed it but was shy about sitting in the truck. I think we will wait a little before we take Al up on his offer to bring her to the station.
She spent the night with us last night because we went to see Shrek and Ironman. She enjoyed Shrek and then took a nap in my lap but woke up to see the end of Ironman which she LOVED! It really hyped her up, LOL!
It was 12:30 when we got home and she sat in my lap while I harvested my Farm on Farmville, (she loves to watch the tractor) and then went ahead of me to go to bed and fell right to sleep. She woke up and whined once but I kissed her and she went right back to sleep but we got up around 8:00 so she didn't sleep as long as she really needed. I am sure when Trey picked her up at 12:30 she took a long nap.
The living room is ready for the furniture tomorrow! I can't wait! It is going to be so cool to have enough seating for my Women's group! Jeff pained my walls while we were at the movie and finished up today and it looks nice and Les shined up our hardwood floors. I have rearranged my Volkswagens and even packed up a few. Since I have over 300 I think I needed to, LOL!

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