Sunday, May 9, 2010

Had a very nice Mother's Day week end. Last night after the yard sale we had a supper. Charli thought the cake said Charli Elizabeth Grogan and had to try it. She then tried to get kisses and got really silly!
We went to see Mom, Grandmama and Mema and Jeremy called me to let me know he got a different job and will NOT be deployed to Afghanistan! That is a wonderful gift!
Gina gave me a beautiful silver Mom necklace, some fun green socks with aloe infused in them, a picture of Charli in a frame that says "We love you Grandma" and photo boxes. She is a special Treasure!
Cytoxan is tomorrow, this is the forth treatment, I am starting to see a difference.
Weather here is CRAZY! Yesterday at yardsale the winds were horrible and knocked down everything and it was warm. Today was mid 70's and temp at night CHILLY! Tomorrow should be same but Friday temp supposed to be in 90's!


Amberpony Creates said...

Such A Wonderful Post!
I just love the Frosting all over...

Kar said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mothers Day! Great news for Jeremy.