Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am so tickled at Charli today! She saw a commercial on a Little Tykes firetruck & said She couldn't have it & she hung her head and got all sad. (She said her Daddy would not buy it) She even went and told her Uncle Jeff and flopped back on his bed and started saying her Daddy wouldn't buy it for her! She can already act!
When she woke up from her nap she sat up and said "I lost my Firetruck!" I was laughing and had to call Gina. Gina said they had went to Wal-Mart and couldn't find it last week end and got Charli a Basketball goal. BUT Charli still had the firetruck on her mind.
When Les and I did an errand she started crying when I went in about the firetruck. Les and I went to Maxway and got her a cheap ride on firetruck. She was so excited she dropped her paci on the floor and forgot about it!
When I called Gina she told Charli they would get her one this week end.

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