Monday, February 15, 2010

Well the Cytoxan I.V. was an adventure. It takes 3 hours which wouldn't have been as bad if it was quiet enough to sleep (Les was watching ICarly and all the traffic up and down the hall)
I had to sign a form that said I knew the dangers of the drug and for 5 days I have to flush twice And clean the toilet with bleach not to mention I MUST go every 2 hours even through the night for the next couple of days. Plus anything having to do with body fluids cannot be exposed to anyone so they would get this drug in their system. Charli can't use my chapstick or share my Pepsi. I thought that was wild!
I took a liter of fluid and something for nausea in the I.V. My appointments are exactly 4 weeks apart down to the time at 1:15.

On to better things I only had 3 kids today and got my Valentine treasures from the kids. Tomorrow I will be going on the Meals on Wheels Route with Melissa, the only thing I am concerned with is the bathroom thing but we have a powerful cleaner and I can drink in the car (I am supposed to drink 3 quarts a day)
Now off to see my farm!

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