Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only one life will truly pass,
Only what is done for Jesus will truly last!

This is the quote my Preacher started the sermon with today. (Our service was an hour later because of the snow) It was based on James 4. I told him it was a perfect sermon for me, I told him if he has to preach my funeral I wanted that one. I make a lot of crafts and know for awhile I will be remembered from the scrapbooks, jewelry, photos, drawings and crocheted things over the years but they will be torn, faded and thrown away but the way I raised my kids to go to church and have faith and pray that will be passed to their kids. The kids I taught at church will grow hopefully remember the fun chalk drawings, Bible scavenger hunts and games as I taught them to help them know the Good News.
I know my kids will be in Heaven with me, hopefully it will be many years but it will be. I have faith in that!

These are bookmarks I make for my loved ones today for Valentine's. I paid 99 cents on Ebay for the bookmark pieces.

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Kar said...

The bookmarks are pretty! I know they will be loved. :)

Glad to hear that there is a great Mom like you out there teaching her kids, etc. to be great people with wonderful qualities about them.