Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tired ramblings

Just a quick post, I haven't gotten much sleep since for the last 2 nights I had to get up every 2 hours so I can take a sleeping pill tonight and sleep!
Total drama at Les's Mom's house is what we got into before church, his sister and niece are fighting and it is a big mess! I don't do Drama, family stays mad at me and pout because I said things the wrong way and that is sad, I spent more time with my Grandmoms and never liked the chill in the house when my parents would fight and not talk. I say my piece and pray about it to calm down and let go. Life it too short to spend that way, I spent way too long apart from my Dad because of things he said. I told Gina and Trey to be prepared if I get snappy because these steroids really do make you mean. I am blessed that I don't get my feelings hurt as easily as some people, why spend years apart that you can't make up?
I will say I let it bother me that I don't hear from Jeremy much BUT I don't call him either because we do not have anything to talk about when we do call.
Well, I am rambling because I am so tired, no other side effects from the Cytoxan, just a few more days to work!

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