Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ames' Valentine

I decided to go ahead and make a simple Valentine card for Ames using Home Sweet Home again from CathyK Designs. You need to grab it before it's gone!
FINALLY I printed a backlog of pictures for Gina, it ended up being over 300! They were from Ames, Charli and Seth's parties, Halloween and Christmas. Les found me a power supply for my EHD for $30. I do need it but want to wait until after I go to Duke, I want money toward Duke and no gifts this birthday, I am still putting off making jewelry, just not up to it but hopefully this week end I will get them done. One goes to England and the money must have gotten lost in mail, I have another to send to Canada, they are hair coils for her daughter for prom. Shipping is the bad part ;) but it is cool my jewelry is going international! I feel bad I lost a pair of earrings that my Mama gave me to fix while I was at Charli's party and I didn't even remember then I realized that Les probably threw them away because I had them in a bag I keep in car and totally out of character he started cleaning trash out of car and saw trash in top and threw away while I was in the house.

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