Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I posted! I just got finished doing my pills, I hope I do not get where I can't do it, LOL, I take 14 in am and 12 in pm! I have a list so I guess I should make one in order, now a lot of them are calcium, B, D and a multi-vitamin plus an antibiotic everyday.
Les went to dentist yesterday and had 7 of his 12 cavities done! I had my Mammogram done, too.
The tank of air I got on the 7th was empty yesterday, it was a little smaller but usually a tank lasts 2 weeks instead of 1!! I find myself turned it up lately, I am having trouble right now because my tank ran out and I do not want to fill up because I want to go to bed. I have a regular tank beside my desk and am using it to finish what U want to do. I made a couple of pages today but do not have the energy to post so will do that tomorrow. Les will be off and I will only have the kids 3 hours.

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