Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I saved all my bracelets from Self for 2010 just to see how many I ended up with, 13, it seems like a lot when I put them together! I spent hours trying to get ahead of the spam at 3S, it is so bad it is in the gallery! I don't know why they keep it open if they are not going to maintain it! I can still delete most of it, Barbara is on medical leave and I guess no one is taking care of it.

The snow is sticking with us, I saw some melt off the neighbors roof but it stayed in the mid 30's and will drop and refreeze, Trey and Gina both were off and I talked to an excited Charli! I am sure she had a great time with her Mommy and Daddy.

I finished up a little red hat and started one with an eyelash type yarn I bought on sale but I hate working with it because it is so hard to tell where the next stitch goes!

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