Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I finished up a set of calendars for Bobbie, today, that makes 30 pages so far this year, also I am using the guide in the back of my Bible and am up to Gen 11 reading through the year.
Had a very nice time with the babies today, held Ames most of the time :0)
Today would have been my Nanny's 94th birthday, she was wonderful, could look at something and make it. She quilted, crocheted, sewed, and was the best cook I ever knew. She also was serious in Bible study, she had an allergy to nylon so rarely made it to church but her Pastor Phillip came to the house for her and Aunt Doll. She loved Oral Roberts and is the one who let me borrow Corrie Ten Boone's book The Hiding Place. I spent a good bit of time with her. She made aprons and sold them to the women she worked with at the mill and was a cloth hoarder, LOL! I know I have a lot of her in me!

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