Monday, August 2, 2010

Les told me if I took a picture and scrapped it he would throw away his shoes. It has been so hot he burns his feet when he wears them, LOL! He has always had trouble getting rid of holey jeans and shoes, they are a way to defy authority. He seemed to love to wear them around his Dad and Granddaddy! He still brings up a pair of pink and yellow swim trunks he had, he thinks one of us threw them away after the kitchen burned, I do not know what happened to them, honestly, just get tired of hearing about it!
That brings up Jeremy is not texting or communicating with me. He sent me a 9 page letter on how his right wing political views are Biblical and my Conservative views are not Christian. That was not the thing to hit me with! I prayed about it and answered his letter with scripture and love. I told him he was not using his scripture in context and that I loved him no matter what his political beliefs and that I was a Christian because I believed Christ died to set me free not for who I voted for! He has not responded. That shows he is from my family for sure! I admit I have a 'cool down period" when I get mad but I then say to mayself, "this is stupid forgive and forget!" Not my family! I remember weeks without my parents talking. There is not a lot of forgiveness, even if they get bad service at a business instead of seeing it as the waitress or a bad day they don't go back. I admit I do not like K-Mart and avoid there. I used to work at Wal-Mart and when I entered they made security calls and followed me around. I avoid them to this day but I do like the children's clothes there. Now I do not go shopping any where a lot. Waiting to hear from Disability, LOL!
I hope he comes around soon! At least I can talk to Julie. His Birthday is in 3 weeks and I am making him a special gift so I will be devistated if he doesn't get over it and like my gift!
Les is out cutting grass! He is mad at my brother so he is doing it even though his back is killing him. I am hoping he will finish painting the hall he started 4 weeks ago today. He says he doesn't want to ask Jeff for a brush... I guess he needs a little forgiveness, too, LOL!
Well, off to the doctor to have a chest x-ray and to work a few minutes!

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