Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got my letter from Social Security today! They are paying me back pay from April! I know God was in this for sure as I never had any trouble with getting approved! I didn't have to even talk to my representative. I did call them when I got back from Charleston in June and told then to add the doctor to my profile and that's when it was put through. I will get my first check in September which is actually for this month. Do not know for sure when I will get back pay. I sure do feel relieved!
Now the notes on Les. He had hearing tests and has lost about 25% of his hearing and needs 2 hearing aids. Now anyone that knows him will understand my concern to pay $1600 for something he will misplace! I KNOW we will be getting insurance for these! Insurance doesn't pay for them. Also he has a mole in his eye! He had to be sent from office to Hospital to check it out! Thank goodness we have excellent vision insurance! That was $2200. of which $60 was out of pocket and that includes his glasses!

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