Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I was coughing and Charli gave me my water and said, "Drink water, Meme" I thought that was so Sweet!
I am so amazed at her with her potty training! Today when I brought her home she gave in and told me she had stinkied in her diaper and she sat and pottied. She them put her panties on and went 5 or 6 times staying dry all day! She even sat up from her nap and said she had to go. I have trained dozens of kids and she is one of the top 3 in how easy she is!
She even feels it and grabs herself and starts going to the potty!
We had a good day today playing play dough, using a glue stick, dancing to 80's music and playing puppets.

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Kar said...

What a sweetie to have around. :)

Isn't it wonderful when the whole potty thing clicks and you aren't cleaning up messes all the time. I'm so glad my 3 were very quick learners.

Hope you have a great weekend Tammy!