Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just sitting here getting ready to go to bed but putting it off. I finally made a couple of cards but need to make 3 more, maybe tomorrow... got a couple of errands to do and then will plan on it.
I still keep thinking about the sweet words Jeremy wrote on my Facebook yesterday, I saved a copy of the email just to read over and over.
After church I went to Gina's and she rented Where the Wild Things Are for my while She and Trey went to see Alice in the Wonderland. I was so hoping Charli would nap and she was close until the movie came on and then she Had to watch, LOL! She thought the creatures were great and just cackled when they had the dirt fight and a couple of other scenes. She is definitely Gina's child! I really enjoyed the movie and want to watch it again!

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