Monday, March 8, 2010

Charli and I are reading this book and talking about caterpillars and butterflies, this wee we are going to do more crafts I have planned. This will be Fun!

Today I went with Gina and Charli and I got to see her baby! She decided to go ahead and have an ultrasound to make her feel better after having lost the last baby. She doesn't want to make a big announcement so if anything happens she won't have to talk about it. She will be 9 weeks tomorrow, due Oct. 12.
Now Charli had problems at first, she freaked to go into the office to update info so I had to take her out in the hall. She Really wanted to leave that place and tried to slip out the door, LOL!
At first she would not stay in the room and wanted to go but I told her we could not leave Mommy and then the power blinked, the fire alarm went off and Gina had to wait for the machine to come back up and I got Charli back into the room and started reading I Wish I Had Duckfeet (one of my favorite books) and she was much better and we saw the baby on the "TV"
It was so cool! I could plainly see the head and spine and 'he' turned his face so I could see the eyesockets and nose hole. Right now the fingers are only tiny stumbs but there is a baby there, I don't know how people think any other way!

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