Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's share are two nature pages done with Connie Prince's Petalpusher
They are some shots I got in the last few days.
I slept some better last night, sinuses are making my nose bleed so got up once to use saline spray. I am ready to get in my hot tub and wash my hair, I'll feel much better, then.
I didn't get online much last night. We had friends from church over so Les could fix the brakes on their car and we had supper together. It was nice but I have to catch up tonight when I get home from Charli's. I have a good bit to work on and when I post Connie's kits I have to place them at more galleries, I have 2 new kits from her and one from Rina right now. Les is working tonight so I should catch up and be able to read the Blogs I keep up with.
It is so cold this week, getting down in the 30's! I pray if won't freeze! We really don't need crops to freeze and be hurt! Things cost enough now! I wish Jeff would cut down his cigarettes, they went from $14 a carton to $20 and since he doesn't have a real job and smokes 2 packs a day...

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