Saturday, April 11, 2009

Les really did a great thing fixing my feeders right outside my window! What close up shots I can get now! The finches are all the time stopping and I have had a few Carolina Chickadees, too. I told him I want to expand and he said he will figure something out.
Last night we had a bad storm! We lost power for a few hours so at 9 we went to bed. The hail really hit but it was not to big. My MIL called and said a tornado hit the hospital but we live a mile from there and it didn't get that bad and the paper said one hit Calhoun Falls which is about 40 miles away so I don't think that was accurate.
I am getting ready to go with Trey and Charli to her first Egg Hunt! I took some eggs over so he could let her practice, LOL! I LOVE the church egg hunt! They have thousands of eggs and I get some of the best pictures!

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Zaroga said...

Those are great pictures. I'm so lousy at bird pictures.