Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Went by after 6 to take Kathie her bank statement and she was laying down and Nicole was gone so he left in mailbox, we left and 5 min later she called so we turned around and he had to call ambulance. She is on 2 antibiotic IVs, morphine and phenagan still do not know if they will keep her. Julie was mad I posted of Fb instead of calling her but I didn't see a need to call when at that time I knew nothing, it was embarrassing to me to see her fuss in front of my friends but I do expect that type of thing. All I could say was ambulance came took her because she had fever and hurt, that is her life now. Someone took most of her pills again, she had 4 left to last until the 11th when they can be filled. So sad. Jeremy doesn't want to hear that or that my niece lost Kathie's debit card because he feels I am prejudice against them and always putting them down but truth is truth.

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