Friday, April 27, 2012

Home from North Carolina! Took about same actual time to do interstate and rack roads because we made fewer stops and did a quick lunch instead. The Barium Swallow was not near as bad as last time, Elaine was my nurse and several of the people remembered us!
Was a little worried after talking to doctor but after test not so much. Found a wonderful place I would love to live! It is beautiful and 2 bedrooms, dining room and screened in porch. They blew my vein out doing the kidney test and it looks terrible! I also have one from blood gas and small one from blood draw. Laurie did my breathing test and said diffusion down 45% which is Not good.
Cora had an adventure, too, we dropped her at my MIL's before we left and a few minutes later the ADT man opened door and let her out! She has a chip and they found her so we picked up as we got home.

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