Sunday, January 29, 2012

I opened my last bag of Candy Cane kisses yesterday, this year they were harder to find, Wal-Mart and Walgreens had them but many other places did not, I ended up having about 8 bags I think and the kids and I shared them. I will be so glad when Ames starts talking, he can say Mama, Dadddy, POP, hi, bye and calls Cora. NO MEME YET, LOL! He can repeat words sometimes and he can follow directions really well, like "pick up your paci'" and he answers yes and no by shaking his head and answers the right answer.
Gina came over and cleaned my floors good and while she was here Jeff fell and Les and Trey took him to ER where Mama stayed with him. He is bruised up pretty good but is OK.
A friend of our, Shirley Easler Starzman passed away, she was sitting watching TV with her husband and he looked over and she had foam coming out of her mouth. How sad!

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