Sunday, December 4, 2011

31 years tommorow

Les, Gina, the kids and I went to Red Lobster to celebrate our anniversary after church, I had a bad start to my day by dropping my Pepsi into my craft stuff as I was trying to leave for church, I still have a sticky mess in places, I guess I will get the Murphy Oil soap and clean the floor in the morning. Ames and I took a nap and played while Les, Charli and Gina went to see The Muppets, we had a pretty good time, he is hard to keep up with but so loving! Les goes back to work tomorrow, he still has really bad scabs on the scar down his spine, I pray he will be OK, he isn't wearing his brace as much as he should because it is rubbing those scabs and really getting it irritated. I need to call dentist in the morning because my filling fell out Thursday night and he was closed Friday. I guess I will let him do my crown.

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