Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My little Pilgrim from the school festival ;)
I have posted 823 times since I started in 2007, pretty impressive, I think since I forget to do often! Right now I am in a very tired phase, I tend to stay up late and sleep in late and take a nap with Ames. I have crocheted a few gifts but have not worked on the jewelry I need to to finish for show Saturday! I hope we have a great turn out! I got the earrings from Lori's shop and plan to use that rack because Kathie takes up so much room and I can't remember where my card table is. She added some wreathes and has sock monkeys and glass vases so I guess I will cut down and let her have the space. I feel bad she loses money doing the shows with me! I could use the extra money right now so I pray I will sell a lot of earrings!
Les goes back to work Monday, I am sad in many ways, I like having him home!

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