Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is just a cute picture I have not posted yet...
Poor Charli's nose is so runny. She stayed in mine or Les' lap and took 2 naps today. I guess her Zyrtec made her groggy. My cold is almost gone, Les is supposed to go to the Dr. tomorrow.
Finally I got my appointment to go to Charleston, June 15. This is on a Tuesday so Gina, Les, Charli and I will go down on Sunday and come back after my visit. I will have to fill up my oxygen at the Lincare there and use the regular tanks to fill in instead of my liquid. The liquid tanks only last 6 to 6 hours and do not keep. I have one I am borrowing to make the trip that last longer but is too heavy to walk with. My big tank that I fill from is not portable at all but I have some small regular tanks and I can do 3 days OK.
I got more cleaning today even though I had Charli all day. A teen from church needed a scrapbook for a project so that was a great excuse to clean out a lot of paper and scraps for her. My yard sale is next week and I am getting rid of a lot of that kind of stuff. I hope I can sell my jewelry, too.

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