Sunday, March 21, 2010

My brother took this for me yesterday before I shot the wedding. I made more doing this one that I ever have and I didn't quote a price, I had volunteered to take some shots because she had a friend taking them, too, but I ended up the main photographer and am working on the book for them. The pictures did turn out well.
I have felt pretty good. Sitting at the computer lately my right side hurts but I just take Tylenol and go lay on my electric blanket.My biggest problem is staying hydrated, am drinking mostly water, eating way to many Life Saver gummies, too. Food Lion put them on sale and they sure taste good!
Sunday School went pretty good, There were 1 of us which was up from 5 or 6 last week. No one I sent cards too came but that's OK, I will grow that class. It will just take time. I am bidding on the book on Ebay and pray I will get a copy! That way any one wants to read it can. It is Five Love Languages and is a great book!

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