Friday, February 12, 2010

We finally got some REAL snow! This was about 6:00

This was just after 4:00, it started around 3:30, Charli had a great time, I couldn't stay long, it was too cold and I had to change of my oxygen tank. The first one had a cracked valve and the second kept working constantly insted of pulsing only when I breathe. Charli has gotten used to it and we call it my robot and she keeps saying "Meme feel better?" She has stuck with me and keeps kissing me and rubs my back when I cough, I think that is so sweet!!
I had to have more blood tests today before my I.V. starts Monday. I will have blood tested every two weeks now.
It already looks like I have a sunburn after just two days of upping my Prednisone from 10mg to 50mg. Please pray the steroids won't get me fat again and have a fat face! Also pray I wouldn't lose my hair!

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