Monday, February 1, 2010

Today was a day of Doctors, first Charli showed out at her's, she freaked when she had to take her jacket off! She had never acted like this! Gina had to get on the scales with her and it took 4 of us to measure her. She is 36" and weighs 25 lbs.
Next Gina had a blood test, she is pregnant! we are keeping it kind of quiet though because she doesn't want to go through what she did when she lost the last one.
Then me. I have few choices but to go on the medicines I did not want to before, I will have to quit my job and go on oxygen. My lungs are working at 41% and my heart is beginning to show damage from lack of oxygen. I actually get a handicap sticker for my car now.

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Kar said...

I hope that things make a turn for the better for you dear. A prayer will be said for you. And hope things go well for Gina also. :)