Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have taken so few pictures lately! I just thought I would post this one today of Charli sweeping up something.
Les returned the parts for his truck and bought my starter but tomorrow he is going to have to but my alternator. I am driving around with a battery in the car in case I need it. I sure hope it gets it fixed in the morning because he and I plan on going to Greenville when I get off work to get something from Build-a-Bear for Charli. I got her the girl Moose to match the boy from last year and they gave me a $7 coupon so I want to get an outfit. I also want to pick up a couple of small things. I got the email that they had shipped Seth's bear, we got him the Camo bear with an Army Officer's suit on and I crocheted Jeremy and Seth matching Camo hats.
I am so close to finishing Charli's cross stitch but doing it makes my hand cramp. I go to the doctor about the cyst in my wrist January 13th. I have blood work the 14th so I am taking that day off. I told my boss I may have trouble changing diapers if he drains the cyst.
Well off to work. One of the ladies at work got a call her 15 year old DGD was dead, we don't know what happened yet but that has got to be one of the most horrid things to go through! Her name is Linda if you will whisper a prayer for her family.

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