Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charli really enjoyed Christmas! She keeps singing Jingle bells and saying "Here comes Santa Claus!" I got tickled at her putting on the Santa suit for her Build a Bear Moose we got her! She spend this afternoon with us and we drove to '96' to see the lights and then rode through Connie Max. We also stopped by to see Les's Mom awhile. She fell the other day and hurt her knee and mouth really bad. She was on a step stool trying to get things down she wanted to give on Christmas that were Papa's. She gave Charli a keyboard which Gina used to play with. I know Charli will enjoy it. She has lots of musical toys and plays with them all the time.

This Christams was sad without Papa and very sad because we stopped having Christmas Eve at Grandmama's but what Fun to be with Charli. She is saying so much!

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Amanda Ann said...

www! Charli is getting so big! She's such a cutie. So happy you and your family had a good Christmas. <3