Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last night we took Charli to the Christmas Festival at work where she saw Santa and rode the train, It was fun showing her off to the parents of the kids I have taught!
She was fascinated with the trees so I was happy to bring her home and decorate my tree! In 2 weeks I have been married to Les 29 years and I don't remember him ever helping me with the tree but you can see he and Charli are having a good time! It was hard for him, too, because the unit in his back has fluid around it and he keeps getting catches in his back.
I used to be so particular about my tree, I have gorgeous pink, green and teal decorations but they are staying boxed up this year and I have red lights and bows and snowmen and Santas and the little groups of ornaments at the bottom will stay just like they are... unless Charli decides they will look better somewhere else!

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